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Ise Shima GUIDE. Privacy Policy

1. Browsing and Registration of Personal Information

When visiting and browsing the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website, you do not need to enter your name or any information that can identify you personally. As for providing services such as request for documents or inquiries, however, you might be required to enter your personal information such as your name, postal address, or e-mail address.

2. Confidentiality of Personal Information Entered

On the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website, your personal information entered and sent will not be disclosed or provided to any third parties. We use your personal information only for the purposes that are explicitly explained. However, this does not apply the following cases:

3. E-mail Sent by Kogakkan University

On the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website, we send e-mail only to people who desire a reply.

4. Identification and Use of Website Viewers Information

We do not identify nor use information about viewers of our website. Access logs of our website viewers are stored as statistical reference only. Access logs are accumulations of information that indicates from which domain each user accessed our website. This information never identifies the viewers personally. Additionally, this information data is utilized in order to maintain statistics about usage of our website (hits and visits). It will not be used for the purposes other than maintaining statistics.

5. Use of Cookies on "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website

The "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website uses cookies in order to provide convenient functions, and to undertake a statistical analysis of the utilization situation of our website. Cookies do not contain any information that could identify any user individually. Website viewers can disable the cookies using their web browser settings.

* Cookie: A program that stores data on the visitor's computer temporarily from the web server through the user's web browser, and it also refers to such data stored.

6. Copyrights of Links

As for those links of other websites on the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website, Kogakkan University is not responsible for any privacy policies or standards, along with the copyrights of such links.

7. Copyrights and Other

  1. This website is the official website of Kogakkan University.
  2. The "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website is managed and operated by the Kogakkan University PR Committee and all management and operation work is supervised by the Planning Division of the university's administration.
  3. Where links on the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website are external websites, Kogakkan University is not responsible for any of the content of such external websites.
  4. Only non-profit links can be established to the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website. If you want to establish a link to this website, please notify our university's Planning Division beforehand.
  5. Kogakkan University reserves all rights for the "Ise-Shima Guide"Official Website. If you want to copy and use sentences or photos from our website, please contact to the university's Planning Division in order to receive permission. No part of the content of this website may be photocopied; all rights reserved.

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