Whether you choose to stay in Ise City, the ideal location for visiting Ise Shrine, or in Toba or Shima where you can eat fresh seafood to your heart’s content, Ise-Shima offers a fantastic variety of hotels, traditional inns, and guest houses, which retain the spirit of “hospitality” that has healed the fatigue of Ise’s pilgrims since ancient times. This page provides information about three different kinds of accommodation available in Ise-Shima.

Ise Hotels

Perfectly located for Ise Shrine! We recommend these hotels in the city for visitors who want to explore everything Ise has to offer, including Oharai-machi, museums, and art galleries.

Ise Ryokans(Japanese Inns)

For those longing for a taste of Japan, we recommend staying at one of Ise’s ryokan. Sit back and relax on your pilgrimage to Ise Shrine!

Ise Guest Houses

We recommend these guest houses for visitors seeking a nice, cozy atmosphere with plenty of chances to get to know fellow travellers. The reasonable price is another thumbs-up.

Toba Hotels

What makes Toba’s hotels so special is the delicious cuisine plucked fresh from the nearby sea. We recommend these hotels for visitors looking for a resort-like atmosphere.

Toba Ryokans(Inns)

We recommend these Japanese inns for visitors seeking to indulge in a rich variety of seafood in true Japanese style.

Toba Guest Houses

Under Toba, the only guest house. Inexpensiveness of the price and friendly conversation are charm. It's recommend to the person who would like to enjoy conversation with an owner.

Shima Hotels

Shima sports a fantastic lineup of resort hotels set against a magnificent natural backdrop. Visitors can sit back and relax with a wealth of seafood and bathing facilities.

Shima Ryokans(Inns)

Shima’s ryokan offer excellent hospitality as guests relax and enjoy seafood feasts and bathing spas in true Japanese style. We recommend these Japanese inns for visitors planning to visit Spain Village or experience the ama diver huts.

Please contact the individual facilities or stores for reservations or inquiries related to information published on the website.

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